Vadin-Plateau  |  Champagne $95
Champagne, France

NV Albert Bichot  |  Cremant Sparkling Rosé $15 / $69

Burgundy, France

Usher Tinkler  |  Prosecco $13 / $55
Hunter Valley, NSW

NV Dolce Vita  |  Moscato $10 / $39

Burgundy, France


Soro  |  Bianco $9 / $35

Tuscany, Italy

“Filo Grigio”  |  Pinot Grigio $11 / $47

Sicily, Italy

Andrew Thomas  |  Synergy Semillon $13 / $60

Hunter Valley, Australia

Hart & Hunter  |  Fiano $13 / $59

Hunter Valley, Australia

De Iluiis  |  Verdelho $13 / $55

Hunter Valley, Australia

Albert Bichot  |  Aligoté $58


Usher Tinkler  |  Nose to Tail Semillon Chardonnay $12 / $54

Hunter Valley, Australia

Kissing Booth  |  Sauvignon Blanc $11 / $49

Hunter Valley, Australia

SOM Vieilles Vignes  |  Chardonnay $78

Hunter Valley, Australia

~ ROSÉ ~

M. Chapoutier  |  Tournon Mathilda Rosé $9 / $40

Victoria, Australia

Les Peyrautins  |  Rosé $11 / $49

Provence, France

Usher Tinkler  |  Nose to Tail Rosé $52

Hunter Valley, Australia

~ REDS ~

Sensi Collezione  |  Sangiovese $11 / $44

Tuscany, Italy

Sensi  |  Montepulciano D’ Abruzzo $12 / $46

Tuscany, Italy

Domaine Albert Bichot  |  Moulin A-Vent $69

Beajolais, France

Usher Tinkler  |  Nose to Tail Pinot Shiraz $12 / $59

Hunter Valley, Australia

Sensi Delcampo  |  Chianti DOCG $9 / $42

Tuscany, Italy

Terra Noble  |  Merlot $10 / $43

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Joel Gott  |  Zinfandel $70

California, United States of America

M. Chapoutier  |  La Ciboise Grenache-Syrah $54

Rhone Valley, France

De Iluiis  |  Shiraz $59

Hunter Valley, Australia


Limoncello Sorbita $20

An Italian Summer in a glass. Vodka, Licor 43, mint & limoncello sorbet.


Sicilian Pornstar $19

A cocktail that exudes class & style. The flavours of vodka, vanilla essence & passionfruit are delicately balanced making this one of our favourite fruit delights. It’s amore!

Apple Martini $19

Green apples & martinis… Name a more iconic duo. The Appletini is the perfect balance of sweet & sour with fresh green apple juice, vanilla vodka, apple liqueur, frothy egg whites & sugar syrup.

Aperol Sour $17

A refreshing (and Italian) take on a whiskey sour. Aperol, lemon juice, egg white & sugar syrup create a frothy delight.

Not So Charlie $20

No words, just like a silent movie. This beauty, inspired by the classic Charlie Chaplain is created with sloe gin, lychee liqueur, lime juice, honey syrup & egg whites. Guaranteed to take you on a journey with every sip.

Classic Negroni $18

Wildly popular, bitter & dynamic with the perfect balance of gin, campari & sweet vermouth. Bellissimo!

Respect Your Elders $19

French liqueur made from fresh, hand picked elderflowers & 5 times distilled watermelon vodka. With age comes respect!

Does the Carpet Match the Drapes? $20

Spiced dark rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, bitters, apricot brandy & ginger beer. The ginger ninja of cocktails.

Espresso Martini $18

Vodka, Frangelico, Mr Black coffee liqueur & our house made walnut syrup dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Chilli Tommy’s Margarita $20

Spice up your night with our all-time favourite, chilli infused tequila, agave, lime & a chilli salt rim.

Passionfruit Caipirinha $19

Cachaca, passionfruit, lime & brown sugar. When my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio.

Cucumber Collins $18

A twist on the classic Tom Collins using freshly muddled cucumber, gin, lemon and St Germaine topped with soda. As fresh as they come.

Aperol Spritz $16

Our most popular Aperitif. An instagrammable blend of Aperol, Prosecco, soda & fresh orange. The drink of Summer, even in Winter.

Booze n’ Juice $11

Your choice of Sailor Jerry’s or vodka with fresh apple juice or fresh pineapple juice.


Martini $18

A timeless, sophisticated classic of chilled vodka & dry vermouth. How do you have yours? Shaken or stirred?


Amaretto Sour $18

Sweet & nutty tones from the Amaretto, sour from the lemon juice with the tang smoothed out by silken egg white. Sweet meets sour equals perfection.

Tom Collins $17

Crisp & sweet, this classic contains Bombay Sapphire Gin, club soda, sugar & lemon juice.

Mai Tai $18

The tiki-est of tiki cocktails. An irresistible mix of aged rum, cointreau, lime juice & orgeat syrup.

Mezcal Old Fashioned $22

A blend of tequila, smoky mescal, chocolate & orange bitters with a blackberry twist.

Long Island Iced Tea $20

A timeless anomaly of vodka, gin, tequila, run, cointreau & lemon juice. Sticky & boozy, the perfect drink for making memories (and then forgetting them)

Dark & Stormy $17

A simple mix of Goslings Black Rum & ginger beer. Sometimes simplest is best.

Mojito $18

Cuba’s most popular contribution to cocktail culture. A simple mix of white rum, muddled fresh mint, lime juice, sugar & soda. It’s fresh & tropical all at once.