Cured Meats Board  $33

House made puffed pizza bread, served with olive oil, olives & selection of Italian cured meats. Recommended for 2.


Cheese Board (v)  $35

Selection of Italian cheeses, served with olives, jam, fruit, nuts & crostini. Recommended for 2.

Cheese & Cured Meats Board  $37

House made puffed pizza bread, served with olive oil, olives, a selection Italian cured meats & one Italian cheese. Recommended for 2.

Vegan Board  $39

House made puffed pizza bread served with a Chef’s selection of seasonal vegetables, marinated olives, house made cashew cheese & a vegan hard cheese. Recommended for 2.



Arancini (v) $16

Crispy, deep fried Sicilian balls of rice filled with fried eggplant & cream cheese. Served with a house made tomato chutney.


Baked Tomino $17

Baked Tomino cheese with truffle & honey served with charred baguette.

Spicy Fried Calamari & Prawns $19

Lightly fried spicy seasoned calamari & prawns. Served with house made chipotle.

Baked Eggplant Parmigiana $15

Roasted eggplant layered with house made Napoletana sauce & cheese served with house made bread.

Garlic Prawns $19

Pan fried prawns in a garlic infused chilli oil served with house made bread.


Garlic Bread (2) $7

House made bread with garlic, butter & herbs.

Bruschetta (2) $11

Fresh Roma tomatoes, stracciatella cheese & basil on 2 slices of charred baguette.

Olives* $8

Warm marinated mixed green & black olives.



Pappardelle Ragu (gfo) $28

Fresh home made thick ribbon pasta with slow cooked lamb ragu & parmesan.


Pesto Pasta & Stracciatella Cheese (v, gfo) $26

Short twist pasta with a home made basil pesto, fresh cream stracciatella & macadamia crumble.

Spaghetti Gamberi (gfo, df) $29

Thick spaghettoni with prawns, semi dried tomatoes, house made chilli & garlic crumble in a white wine sauce finished with lemon zest.

Rigatoni Boscaiola (gfo) $2
Short tubular pasta with mushrooms & pancetta in a creamy white sauce.

Spaghetti Arrabiatta (v, gfo) $23

Spaghetti in a house made Napoletana sauce with chilli & parmesan.


Rigatoni Vodka (gfo) $29

Rigatoni pasta in a Napoletana sauce with a dash of cream, a splash of vodka, chilli, parmesan & crispy pancetta.

Pasta Mediterranean (v, vg, df, gfo) $25

Short twist pasta in a Napoletana sauce with capers, olives, garlic, chilli & oregano.

Fusilli Primavera (v, gfo) $25

Wholemeal fusilli with asparagus, zucchini & peas finished with lemon infused ricotta & shaved pecorino.



Garlic (vg, gfo+$4) $15

White base brushed with garlic oil. ~ Add cheese ($3)


Chilli Garlic (vg, gfo+$4) $16

Tomato base brushed with garlic, oregano & chilli oil. **Note this is a dairy free pizza**

Bianca Pizza (v, vgo+$3, gfo+$4) $24

White base, fior di latte mozzarella, roasted potatoes, pecorino, rosemary & truffle oil.

Salami Piccante (gfo+$4) $24

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, hot salami, red onion & crumbled ricotta.

Prosciutto Pizza (gfo+$4) $25

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket, parmesan & olive oil.

Capricciosa (gfo+$4) $24

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes & kalamata olives.

Basement ‘Special’ (gfo+$4) $25

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, ham, mild & hot salami, olives & Basement’s secret spice mix.

Eggplant (v, gfo+$4) $22

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, fried eggplant, basil & grated parmesan cheese.

Zucchini (v, gfo+$4) $23

White base, fior di latte mozzarella, roasted zucchini, goats cheese curd, roasted almonds, confit garlic & lemon zest.

Gamberi Pizza (gfo+$4) $24

White base, fior di latte mozzarella, prawns, basil pesto, heirloom tomatoes, & fresh rocket.

Napoletana (v, vgo+$3, gfo+$4) $23

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, anchovies, capers, kalamata olives & oregano.

Margherita (v, vgo+$3, gfo+$4) $20

Tomato base, fior di latte mozzarella, fresh basil & olive oil.

Vegana #1 (vg, gfo+$4) $26

White base, vegan cheese, artichokes, asparagus, fresh herbs, chilli, confit garlic & roasted almonds finished with a house made creamed cashew cheese.

Vegana #2 (vgo, gfo+$4) $25

White base, vegan cheese, roasted zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, rocket & lemon zest.



Rocket & Strawberry Salad (v) $16

Roasted almonds, fresh strawberries & rocket with a gorgonzola dressing.


Summer Green Salad (v) $18

Roast asparagus, zucchini, radish, peas & shaved pecorino dressed with a lemon zest confit, garlic & fresh chilli.

Peach Salad (vg) $17

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh peaches, shallots, basil & mint. Finished with a house made pistachio crumble.

Potato Chats (vg) $16

Twice cooked sea salt & rosemary chat potatoes.

Fries & Lemon Aioli (v) $10

Thick cut chips served with house made lemon aioli.



Italian Doughnuts $12

Three warm doughnuts filled with house made seasonal jam.

Panna Cotta $13

Chef’s daily special panna cotta.


Nutella Calzone $18

House made folded pizza with a creamy Nutella & ricotta filling served with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato.

Affogato $11

Vanilla bean gelato & a shot of espresso.

~ add Frangelico or Kahlua $4


La Fruitta (vg) $14

Port infused peaches served with house made seasonal sorbet.

(v) – Vegetarian, (vg) – Vegan, (gf) – Gluten Free, (df) – Dairy Free, (gfo) – Gluten Free Option, (vgo) – Vegan Option

*Menu subject to change.

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