Sparkling & Champagne

Mojo | Moscato $10 $45
King Valley, VIC

Pizzini Brachetto | Sparkling Moscato $10 $50
King Valley, VIC

Usher Tinkler | Prosecco $12 $55
Hunter Valley, NSW

Veuve Ambal | Sparkling Rosé $13 $55
Burgundy, France

Vadin-Plateau Grande Reserve | Champagne $120
Champagne, France


Tai Nui | Sauv Blanc $12 $55
Marlborough, NZ

Norfolk Rise | Pinot Grigio $10 $48
Bencon, SA

Comyns & Co | Semillon $14 $58
Hunter Valley, NSW

Marsh Estate | Semillon  $80
Adelaide Hills, SA

Silkman | Chardonnay  $14 $58
Hunter Valley, NSW


Rameau D’OR | Rosé $14 $55
Provence, France


42 Degrees South | Pinot Noir $15 $70
Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Mesta | Tempranillo $10 $48
Castile, Spain

Mitolo Angela | Shiraz $15 $70
Barossa Valley, SA

Plantagenent Three Lions | Cabernet Merlot $60
Margaret River, WA

Fat Bastard | Malbec $12 $55 Mendoza, Argentina


Limoncello Sorbita  $18
An Italian Summer in a glass. Vodka, Licor 43, mint & limoncello sorbet

Oh Marianne  $20
A delicate twist of house-infused strawberry gin, St Germaine elderflower liqueur, vanilla bean syrup and spiced pineapple

Fogtown Serum  $19
A sweet and creamy treat using Aviation gin, vanilla liqueur, housemade honey sage syrup, lavender and citrus

Thyme Tales  $18
A fragrant mix of thyme infused Licor 43, kraken spiced rum, lemon and whites… Enough said

Tea Garden  $18
Our earl grey infused vodka with Le Birlou, lemon and a dash of peach bitters. Did someone say tea party?

Winston’s Glory   $19
A Hendrick’s gin, ginger and basil concoction with a sour and refreshing twist. For all the gin lovers!

The Rum Diary  $20
Cocoa-nib infused white & dark rums, Licor 43 & Aztec chocolate bitters, stirred down and served over coconut water spheres. A Hunter S. Thompson kind of a drink

Tierra Sundown  $21
The hot sun going down over the Tierras desert. Sloe gin stirred down with Cointreau and St Germaine with an orange twist

Day O’ The Dead  $20
Awaken the senses with a smoky and fiery blend of jalapeno-infused mezcal, 1800 coconut tequila, lime and agave served over coconut water spheres

Coconut Key  $19
A Basement classic! Spiced rum, peach schnapps, lychee liqueur, agave, pineapple and coconut water. Aloha!

Cool Runnings  $22
An icy cool mix of plantation pineapple, dark rums, lime and charred pineapple syrup. Tiki, tropical and delicious. Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhythm! Get on up, it’s bobsled time


(Newcastle’s best) Espresso Martini  $18
Vodka, Frangelico, Mr Black coffee liqueur and our house made walnut syrup dusted with cinnamon sugar. Our take on the Friday night fave will not disappoint

Chilli Tommy’s Margarita  $18
Spice your night up with our all time favourite. Chilli infused tequila, agave, lime and a chilli-salt rim. Back by popular demand

Cucumber Collins  $18
A twist on the classic Tom Collins using freshly muddled cucumber, gin, lemon and St Germaine topped with soda. As fresh as they come

Moscow Mule  $17
Muddled lychees, peach bitters, vodka, lime and mint with ginger beer soda to top it off. It doesn’t get much better

Strawberry & Basil Amaretto Sour  $19
Strawberry infused Amaretto, basil, lemon & whites. A delicious take on the classic

Passionfruit Caipirinha  $18
Cachaca rum, blended passionfruit pulp, lime and brown sugar. When my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio!

The Bitter Carol (Negroni Twist)  $21
For the most bitter of souls. A down under twist on the classic Negroni using 78 degrees gin, Bitter orange and Rosso

Mezcal Old Fashioned   $20
A blend of tequila, mezcal, chocolate and orange bitters with a blackberry twist. If the classic had a fiery Latin aunt