Sicilian Olives (vg,gf,df)  $9
Cold and sweet

Uprising Sourdough (v) $12
Served with cardamon butter, confit garlic, vine cherry tomatoes and olives

Cheese Board  (v) $35
Our chef selected local cheeses served with house seasonal chutney, nuts, dehydrated fruit and olives

Cheese For One  (v) $22
One cheese of your choice served with our house seasonal chutney, nuts, dehydrated fruit and olives

Beef Carpaccio (gf+$2) $21
Top grade local meat, pounded “wafer thin”, then seasoned Italian style and served with sourdough



Zucchini Flowers (v) $21
Zucchini flowers gently stuffed with a house made ricotta mix and served on a burnt capsicum sauce

Chat Potatoes (v) (gf+$2) $14
Crispy, fluffy chats smothered in a delicious cheesy sauce

Empanadas (4) $18
Authentic beef brisket empanadas served with chimichurri and sriracha

Sliders (2) $12
Fried chicken sliders served with sweet chilli and mustard aioli sauce. Half the size, double the flavour

Tuna Ceviche w/ Ponzu (df) $21
Diced yellow-fin tuna, seasoned with house made ponzu & yuzu, chillies, spanish onion and mint. Served on crispy rice crackers

Tataki Tuna (df) $21
Lightly seared “sashimi grade” tuna with teriyaki, ginger and onion crumble

Garlic Prawns (gf+$2) $22
Prawns smothered in a classic creamy white wine sauce smothered prawns. Served with charred sourdough

Cauliflower (v) (gf+$2) $17
Fried cauliflower served on a garlic, truffle and manchego sauce



Hawayej Chicken (df,gf) $29
Chargrilled chicken served with grilled vegetables, hummus, pickles and spiced chickpeas

Lamb Rump (df,gf) $32
Marinated in herbs and served with confit garlic, crispy chats, roasted cherry vine tomatoes and chimichurri. Recommended medium rare

Scotch Fillet (gf) $36
Locally sourced ‘grade A’ beef, dry aged for 14 days and cooked in house-made jus. Served with sauted mushrooms, onions and crispy chats. Recommended medium rare

Falafel Plate (vg) (gf+$2) $24
Hugo’s famous falafels on a bed of house made hummus, tahini, zchug and pickled cabbage. Served with charred pita bread so you won’t miss a dip

Ricotta and Basil Gnocchi (v) $29
Hugo’s light, fluffy hand made gnocchi is pan fried with mushrooms and broccolini. Served on confit garlic puree



The Israeli Platter (df) $58
Grandma’s traditional spread of dips with a big plate of hummus and warm chickpeas. Served with toasted pita bread

We recommend adding:

Chargrilled Hawayej chicken skewers (3) (df,gf) $16

Chargrilled herbed lamb skewers (3) (df,gf) $19

Authentic Israeli falafels (6) (vg,gf,df) $12

Spiced mushrooms (v,gf) $14

Dip refills $3

(v – can be vegan without the egg)

(gf – gf wrap instead of pita)



Ice Cream Sundae (gf) $14
Three scoops of French vanilla ice cream topped with roasted almonds, strawberries and house-made salted caramel sauce

Dough-Not  $18
A cinnamon dusted, rosewater infused brioche. Fried and served with strawberry coulis, nut crumble, house-made salted caramel sauce and candied walnuts

(v) – Vegetarian, (vg) – Vegan, (gf) – Gluten Free, (df) – Dairy Free, (gf+$2) – Gluten Free Option

*Menu subject to change